The best way for learn a language is to immerse into the culture.



We promote the Culture, multiculturalism, multilingualism and the current multi-ethnicity in Guatemala


Explore, discover, know and experience the present guatemalan culture, the mayan civilization heritage in the western highland. Guatemalensis Spanish School has 29 years of success connecting cultures teaching the Spanish language.

             Quetzaltenango is surrounded by many villages in which you can appreciate and experience the heritage of the mesoamerican cultures as well as the spaniard culture, the architecture of the churches, parks, buildings and houses are witnesses of this. The city of Quetzaltenango itself holds that interesting beauty of the colonial, post colonial and republican periods. Many colors fill the markets, the clothes, the fields, the villages, the mountains.

              Our tours, hikes, treks and excursions will bring you to see, know and enjoy all these expressions of the culture. Our team of certified, authorized and of course experienced guides will explain you all the History,



.  Catholic churches in any city 

Religious syncretism       

Colorfull churches of San Andres Xecul. 


 I think that this is an excellent school. The teachers and directors are genuine and have good hearts. I would highly recommend this school to others travelling to Guatemala. Emmy Fernandez.U.S.A.

     The school Guatemalensis did a great job teaching Spanish -all the grammar we need to know in a short period of time, class was interesting, the homestay excellent, so I wouldn't change a thing! Brooke Schoenman, U.S.A.

     I think GSS is definitely the best value in town!! Dave & Bethany Garth, USA




San Andres Xecul

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