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Great Jaguar Mayan Temple at Tikal cradle of the mayan world.

The best way for learn a language is to immerse in the Culture.



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Why you must choose Guatemalensis?

Because we can give you an original bona fide  program!


               Because we have 30 years of excellence and success teaching spanish to thousands of satisfied students from all the  world!


        Because Guatemalensis always has something to show and offer you!


               Because you can explore, discover and experience the real Guatemala with our programs in a different way of tourism!


                        Because we are the first school in use the outdoors and mountaineering concepts into the Total Immersion Spanish Program.


               Because all our Tours, Hikes, Treks and Excursions are conducted with security.


               Because we don't have hidden costs nor do we use social causes to make profits.


Because we are totally reliable.


               Because we give you communication tools more than a simply language!


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Also ask for our special packages for groups of

teens, youths, university students and educators.



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Founded in 1990

19 AVENIDA 2-14 ZONA 1, 



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Experience May Term in Guatemala

Experience May Term in Guatemala 2015

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