Many years serving through Social Projects!

Make a difference!  Be part of our SCHOOL, 

Study Spanish, hike and trek with us!  

Guatemalensis Spanish School has created, developed and supported many Social Projects from 1990!


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Guatemalensis Spanish School

19 Avenida 2-14 Zona 1,

Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, C.A.

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Social Work and Scholarships Project



But your Spanish Studies with us can make it possible for these children to go to School! 

If you study Spanish with us, you can make a difference in their lives!



     In addition to our excellent Spanish Language teaching, Guatemalensis Spanish School (GSS) develops and supports Programmed Social Projects to help poor, disadvantaged families and children improve their adverse living conditions. You will have the opportunity to participate in our Social Projects through direct interaction with needy Guatemalan families and children.  You will also have the guarantee that a percentage of your tuition will be used and donated to the direct education of the children and families in our Social Projects.  We encourage you to share your talents with the needy Guatemalans in our Social Projects by taking part in one or more of the services we offer: tutoring in all school subjects, nutritional counseling for mothers,  sports and game playing with children, clothing and school supply drives, holiday celebrations, and much more.  Ask us how to participate in our Scholarships Program for Children at Risk.

     One of the purposes of Guatemalensis Spanish School is to provide educational opportunities not only to our Spanish students but also to guatemalan children at risk in our city who have traditionally been excluded from such opportunities. 

    At the moment Guatemalensis Spanish School is supporting 18 scholarships in our social project for very poor children at risk.





Brandon Citalan Arriola



Angelica Maria Cochogil Arriola



Maria José Escobar Citalan



Osmar Alfredo Cochogil Gonzalez



Lisbet Esmeralda Castro Cochogil



Douglas Roberto Citalan Arriola



Bryan Citalan Arriola



Carlos Giovanni Castro Citalan



Erica Arriola



Miriam Veronica Citalan



Dorian Alexis Citalan Arriola



Jaquelin Abigail Cochogil Arriola



Ana Cristina Citalan Arriola



Gustavo Antonio Citalan Arriola






Secondary School



José Daniel Cochogil Monterroso


2º. Básico

Yoselin Yesenia Citalan Arriola


1º. Básico

José Armando Cochogil Arreola


2º. Básico

Esvin Estuardo Citalan


3º. Básico



     As a nonprofit organization, Guatemalensis offers its students the opportunity to help Guatemalan communities improve their lives through its service project. A percentage of your tuition will go directly to purchasing school supplies for impoverished families in the Quetzaltenango area. Also, GSS organizes optional visits to these families, allowing you to interact with them first hand and make a personal difference.


Until this last year (July 12, 2013), Guatemalensis Spanish School  has supported with 9,428 pounds of foods to the families and children at risk of our Social Project. The majority of our Spanish students have experienced this project and have enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to serve and help. Likewise, from 2004, Guatemalensis Spanish School has supported an average of 26 scholarships every year for very poor children in this project.

Reforestation Project

Guatemalensis Spanish School as an ecologically and environmentally conscious and responsible school has planted many trees in this year, we invite you come to study Spanish with us!


We are planting oxigen for the world!©



     My two weeks here at Guatemalensis were completely packed with adventures, new experiences, and of course, learning and about the culture in Guatemala. I wish I had more time! Being a woman travelling alone it can be difficult to see and experience all that Guatemala has to offer. I felt very safe at the School and was given the opportunity to go things I couldn't do on my own like hiking, for example. The atmosphere at the school is also very sociable and encourages conversing in spanish. To me the Social Project was very rewarding and I really enjoyed the hands on aspect of it -being able to teach the kids and give food to the families was definetly eye-opening and very rewarding. My host family was absolutely amazing and I learned so much from them. I will definetly return to Guatemalensis in the future. Katie Rasmussen, Canada

  Guatemalensis Spanish School is a small school located near the old town center. The directors and the teachers are friendly and professional. Because of its size, and the dedication of the staff, all the activities are coordinated to suit the students needs and capabilities. The home stays are very close to the school with friendly people and reasonable accomodation. The food though basic consists of many traditional local dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients. I have visited 4 other spanish schools in the last few years and this was the best all round bargain for me.  John Elmore, Canada.

     Although I was only able to study at Guatemalensis for two and a half weeks, I can honestly say I learned so much. I studied French for three years in high school and college, but I am sure I already know more Spanish after this short time here. Not only that, but I am more confident in my Spanish because I have been forced to use it in this setting, both at school and in my daily life here in Guatemala. The one-on-one teaching environment allowed me to practice and learn at a pace that was comfortable for me. I am convinced that this kind of immersion is the best way to learn a language.  My teacher was intentional with me, making sure I understood each lesson.

     Also, Nora and Rolando (directors) looked out for my husband and I like we were their own. They let us give input on what kinds of activities we wanted to do on the weekends. They were great hosts and gave us helpful information for our further travel inGuatemala. I would highly recommend studying Spanish at Guatemalensis.  Bethany Garth, USA




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